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"Before I started with Jessica, I had a backlog of 15 weddings with a three-month turnaround time. I was extremely stressed. I felt like I couldn't do anything fun because I was so behind. I felt like I couldn't post anything on social media out of fear that clients would get mad if they saw me enjoying life while their photos were so late. I couldn't take it anymore. I needed to either quit photography or outsource my editing. I'm so glad I found Jessica. She has been a lifesaver. We went from a three-month turnaround time to three weeks. She helped me get caught up, and now we have a nice routine. Jessica took the time to learn my style and match it with every session/wedding I sent her.  Outsourcing my editing has been a game changer for my business. I could even end 2022 with ZERO editing in my queue, the first time in 13 years of business. Thank you so much!"


"I've tried outsourcing before and it wasn't the right fit. I was suddenly much busier in 2022, absolutely drowning in edits, and unable to keep up with the deadlines I had set for myself. After repeatedly reaching out to clients to tell them they'd have to wait longer, a colleague referred me to Artisan Edit. The process to get set up was simple and now I'm at a point where Jess just knows my work and what I expect. It feels like a well-oiled machine to me. It's been life-changing to outsource editing - I've gained back so much time and peace of mind! AND my clients are getting their images faster than ever before! I now have more time to spend on obtaining new clients and time to focus on my family."


"I was hesitant for years to outsource my editing because I felt like it would distance me from the actual ‘art-making’, but my editing queue was swallowing me whole. I was thinking about editing all the time, it was always looming in the background. I wanted to get my clients their galleries sooner, but I just simply could not get them done as fast as I wanted with having to travel and shoot every weekend. I felt like I could never catch up. Jess and I have been friends for years and I remembered she started an editing business. I reached out and before I knew it, my editing was seamlessly taken off my plate and I felt like I could breathe again. I had the energy to pour into my clients again. I don’t use one set of presets, I have a bunch and I custom edit every session so it best matches how it really felt that day. This was no issue for Jess and every gallery I’ve gotten back, she’s matched the previews I sent my clients perfectly. Working with Jess allows me to have the entire gallery done and if I want to go back and make GIFs or make other creative decisions, I no longer have the guilt that that is ‘keeping me’ from getting the gallery done. If you’re thinking about hiring Jess, DO IT."


"Artisan Edit has been the best decision for my photography business! It has saved me so much time with editing that I truly do not have during wedding season. I was hesitant to turn over my editing to someone else, but it has been a lifesaver!"


"Outsourcing with Jessica has been great! I have way more time off the computer and am able to focus on other things I enjoy since wedding editing is not my favorite. It has been easy and streamlined my wedding process!"


"Jessica was a lifesaver!  After having tried to outsource my editing with several different companies, no one came close to matching my sample images. It is a dream to send off a wedding with only my sneak peek edited and get back the entire wedding ready to export!"


"I was SUPER hesitant to hand over my craft to the hands of someone else! I had tried a few other editors and after my initial job with Jessica it was clear I found "the one"! She just gets me and my work without me having to explain much, its obvious that she can analyze well enough to understand my unique approach! I am so grateful I found her, I finally have time for a life!"


"I have been so pleased working with Artisan Edit! Outsourcing editing is a scary idea, and I've experimented with other editing companies, but I always felt like I had to do some much additional work to get my images the way I like. Jessica takes the fear out of it for me, and creates exactly the colors and tones that I desire. She is skilled at what she does and really has an eye for the perfect color. She worked with me to find out the way I like my edits done. There is so much relief for me sending my weddings and engagement sessions to her to edit, so I can free up my time to grow my business. I know that I'll have my images back in a timely manner, and best of all, they are ready to deliver to my client! I am so happy I found Artisan Edit!"


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